Pipe, Valve and Fittings

EDI supplies various types of API rated valves manufactured by oilfield industry leading manufactures. Our product line consists of:

Balon Valves - Quality carbon steel ball valves, needle valves, check valves.

Kim-Ray - Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Oil Valves, Motor Valves, Liquid Level Controllers, Temperature Controllers, Glycol Pumps, Control Pilots, and Field Automation Acquisition and Control Units.

Apollo Valves - Manufacturer of top quality bronze and steel ball valves in Two piece, Three piece, Unibody, Top Entry and Specialty designs in various end connection options and material grades.

KF Valves - Global manufacturer of gas & oil fluid control products. Products produced include ball, check, gate, globe, needle, butterfly valves and pipeline closures.

Chem Oil Valves - Ball Valves: Stainless / Carbon Steel • Brass • Ductile Iron • Flanged End; Butterfly Valves, Check Valves: Swing Check • Lift Check • In-Line Check, Gate Valves & Globe Valves: Forged Steel • Brass • Water Gauge Cocks, Needle Valves: Stainless Steel • Carbon Steel • Long Needle Valve and Manifold Valves.

Serving Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota, and Utah.